Awakening your light -
The jouney to you

with Nahizji in 4 countries

France – England – Egypt – Turkey


This year, Nahizji is offering an exclusive 4-week transformation process in which she will travel with you and part of her team to various power places in a total of 4 countries. At these locations, you will receive initiations through Nahizji’s presence that will align you with what is essential in your life.

What does your heart truly want to live?

In daily conversations with Nahizji, you will be trained to recognise and transform your issues, opening up a higher perception and an alertness to the present moment in which you can feel and receive the impulses of your heart more and more.

Through focused, gentle physical exercises, you will gain a new sensitivity for your body that will help you to face physical limitations more gently and to expand within them.

The selected food will trigger cleansing processes in your body that relieve and clear it.

This fine-tuning of your entire body system will lead you directly into an intense presence that will give you individualised instructions for your personal path. Carrying out these instructions will awaken your light, through which you will see what and how your heart truly wants to live. In this alignment you will recognise the path that leads you to your life’s purpose.

4-week transformation process in 4 countries

France – England – Egypt – Turkey

During these 4 weeks you will travel to a total of 4 countries with various selected places of power with which Nahizji is very connected.

You will start with a few days in the south of France in the Occitania region, from where you will fly to Glastonbury in England. The journey continues to Egypt to the pyramids in Cairo and the temples in Dendera and Edfu.

You will then travel to the powerful site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey.

The final stop is a 4-day retreat in Alanya, where the alignment of your heart will be further clarified and your focus stabilised in integration talks with Nahizji.

The power places you will visit are located on specific energy pathways of the earth and are connected to different planets, which also have an intense effect on the human body system. Thus, the inner work with Nahizji will be intensified in this 4-week process, activating your transformation process and revealing your inherent powers.

Southern France in the region of Occitania
Glastonbury in England
The pyramids in Kairo and the temples in Edfu and Dendera in Egypt
Göbekli Tepe in Turkey

“A single seed that falls completely into the soil will shine in its full bloom. Thousands of seeds that only touch the soil will wither on the surface.

Only the seed that blossoms fully carries the wisdom that God gives it.”

– Nahizji

Are you willing to follow the path of your heart?

As this will be a very intense time for you, you need to be very ready to receive the high energy that will support you in manifesting your powers. There is therefore a detailed application form for this journey, which must be completed and submitted in advance.

Accommodation and shuttle services as well as delicious organic vegan food are provided so that you can fully engage in the inner process.

Dates in 2024:
– 18.07.-15.08.24
– 10.10.-07.11.24

This journey is only possible individually or as a couple.

For more information and advice on how to prepare for this journey, please contact Jiyanh.

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