Developing the soul together

The Conscious Community

Consciously living together in the field of an awakened master means encountering yourself and others unfiltered.

This community serves as a reflection surface in their everyday work, which enables their soul development.

The constant presence of Nahizji stabilizes the energy field for this development, in which each individual is thrown back on himself.

Online Satsang mit Nahizji


Nahizji is the founder of the Holistic Life Home and forms the basis of living and working together in the community. In her energy field, old patterns and limitations come to the fore. Everything that does not correspond to the true being comes to light and can be replaced in this way.

Nahizji’s impulses from the comprehensive point of view show the seeker the way to inner freedom. In her presence, you can remember what it feels like to live from the heart.
In her presence, your heart will remember unconditional love and what it’s like to live it.

What sets the community apart?

The community is characterized by a shared commitment that focuses on soul development.
Here the community uses the tasks, situations and encounters for the permanent attention to the rising topics in everyday being together.

In their authentic being, the members of the community keep themselves awake to these topics and support each other in dissolving and overwriting old patterns.
Using various techniques that Nahizji teaches, an ever-increasing willingness to receive the arising feelings and sensations associated with these patterns develops.
The ability to love that occurs in this receiving strengthens the individual and communal transformation.

Do you want to get to know our community, immerse yourself in the field of authentic presence?
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