The Power of Manifestation

Egypt Retreat with Nahizji
from 12.09. to 21.09.’24

This retreat is an intensive journey to your true self.

Nahizji’s presence and the power places in Egypt will guide you during these days to the source of your true desires, which only your heart knows.

Through groundbreaking words in satsangs and inner work as well as powerful energy transmissions, Nahizji will set you on the path to free yourself from your old limitations. The practical tools she gives you will open up your true power.

It’s time to align yourself and unleash your potential – for a life of abundance, blessed with success and healing, filled with unconditional love.

Nahizji’s presence will prepare you to absorb the energies of the power places in Egypt. At these chosen places you will come into contact with your own fire to truly commit yourself to your development. You will be able to feel what it means to burn for this development. It is a profound process that enables lasting change, as the activated access to your inner fire will also be available to you afterwards.

The power places

The pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are the first stop on the Egypt journey and the place of synchronisation with the vibration of your heart. For three consecutive days, supported by the electromagnetic fields of the pyramids and the presence of Nahizji, the dispersed energies within you will gather and organise themselves here so that your entire body system is aligned with the following places on the journey.
The highlight of the pyramid visits will be a 3-hour night stay in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which will only be accessible to our group for this time. In a powerful energy transmission by Nahizji, the memory of the unity consciousness within you will be strengthened in a particularly profound way.

Trip along the Nile

The Nile symbolises the Kundalini energy of Egypt and the path to enlightenment.
On a boat trip on the Nile, exclusively for our group, Nahizji, who already embodies the Kundalini energy, will connect her presence with that of the Nile. In satsang and meditation with Nahizji, you too will immerse yourself in the flow of Kundalini energy. This life-giving energy activates a movement within you. Through your permission for this movement, what wants to be lived through you becomes visible.

Edfu - Temple of Horus

In the Temple of Horus, the centre of creative power, you will come into contact with the creative energy within you, which will show you how to manifest what your heart wants to live.
This creative power blossoms from devotion.
In complete trust in life, it drives you to realise what your heart truly desires.

Dendera – Temple of Hathor

The goddess Hathor represents the power of birthing that you will receive in this place.
This is the power of the divine will within you, which is essential for the realisation of what wants to be lived through you. It is the path for your awakening, for the recognition of your soul plan and for its realisation.

Boat trip on the Red Sea

The last stop of the Egypt retreat takes us to Hurghada on the Red Sea. Here we will take a small yacht, which is only available to our retreat group, out onto the wonderfully clear water, which will let you see right to the bottom. If you like, you can snorkel and enjoy the variety of colours of the water creatures or simply let yourself drift on the water.

All the experiences of the past few days can sink in, you can breathe out and relax. You are invited to celebrate the retreat experience and your development over a light, vegan meal.

The accommodations

The accommodation in this retreat is reserved exclusively for our group and is of a very high standard for Egypt. Here you will be fully catered for, enjoy delicious vegan food and daily yoga sessions so that you can fully immerse yourself in the retreat experience.

Villa in Cairo
Yoga with a view of the pyramids

Magnificent domed house in Luxor
Colourful, lovingly furnished luxury accommodation
in the south of Egypt

Depending on the size of the group, you will be
accommodated in a single or double room.

A maximum of four places will be allocated for this retreat.

It starts on 12.09.24 at 7 pm (arrival between 3 and 5 pm) and ends on 21.09.24, with departure planned for 22.09.24.

We will be happy to assist you with the booking process and answer any questions you may have.

You are responsible for travelling to and from the event.

In retreats and accompanying processes lasting several months, Nahizji’s presence guides people through inner work into deep processes of change, for which a high level of determination is required.

Nahizji is interested in the true development of the person and therefore only works with those who are truly ready to embrace change and accept a higher energy within themselves.

If you are interested in a retreat or a support process with Nahizji, we therefore ask you to fill out an application form before a detailed information meeting takes place.

Ägypten-Retreat with Nahizji in 2022

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