Energy transmission

Healing and clearing for body, soul and spirit

During an energy transmission with Nahizji, the loving, universal energy touches you exactly where healing is needed in your body in the present moment. This happens in the space of Nahziji’s all-encompassing presence – here she connects with your inner self and in this way transmits the cosmic energy to you. This has a clarifying and healing effect on your entire body-soul-spirit system.

If you wish, you can also describe to Nahizji a current topic that is occupying you at the moment or an illness that is bothering you and that should be illuminated by this energy.

The profound healing energy has an effect on all levels. It cleans your body of old energetic burdens, suppresses interference in private living rooms or company headquarters and can also be received during or after an operation or childbirth. The clarifying and stabilizing energy can also have an effect on exams, fear of flying and other personal issues.

For a remote energy transmission, Nahizji needs a recent photo of you and your date of birth. For company and house cleaning, it is important to send the respective address in advance.

The energy transmission is possible on site or as a distant healing energy transmission.

Value: €200.00


Receiving love
in the process of healing


Transformation of your current issues


Awareness in recognizing
your belief patterns

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