Awakened Kundalini Master

Being with Nahizji is a celebration of joy.
Receiving her impulses clarifies the destiny of the soul.

Her presence is pure, compassionate and guiding. Nahizji is an awakened Kundalini master and wisdom teacher who has dedicated her whole heart to the development of the human soul. In the field of her clear, loving presence, the way of the heart is revealed to those who are willing.

Nahizji works in the tradition of the Mystery School of Isis and transmits the legacy of Mary Magdalene to seekers. It is the Kundalini teaching of devotion into which she was initiated and which, through its powerful transformative power, guides and liberates people on the path to healing.

Erwachte Kundalini Meisterin

It is my hand that touches you.
It is my heart that recognizes you.


Freude im Satsang


Since Nahizji is retiring from France for a few months, there will be no Satsang with her until mid-March 2023, neither live nor online.

However, you have the opportunity for individual counseling with her.

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Being at the places of power with Nahizji in Egypt awakened the inner fire in all participants. It became palpable what enormous power is inherent in human beings and what transformative effect the Kundalini of devotion can unfold.

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Touching insights into that
France retreat:
“The Devotion of Mary Magdalene”

Fleur de lys Logo

Holistic Life Home

Nahizji founded the Holistic Life Home organization in 2020,
which offers a space for retreat and reflection, for inspiration, for conscious living and working together in the community.

Current dates

Retreat in France with Nahizji
Live your heart’s purpose
from 25th of December 22 to 1st of January 23

To remember you
will wake you up.
To live it
will fulfill you.
Come back to your heart.

Nahizji Kundalini der Hingabe

Distance healing energy transmission from France
from November 2022 to March 2023

The distant healing that Nahizji has been transmitting for years affects the entire human body system. This type of distant healing, which she was instructed in by Mary Magdalene, opens up a new dimension for people. In this dimension, not only is the body brought into the healing process, but also the mystery of devotion is initiated within it.

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Offers from Nahzji

Satsang mit Nahizji

In Satsang you can ask your questions from all areas of life and receive answers from Nahizji from her medial point of view.

Seminar und Retreats mit Nahizji

Seminars & retreats
Seminars and retreats with Nahizji offer you the opportunity to withdraw from everyday life and open up a space for conscious reflection.

Lebensberatung mit Nahizji

Life counseling
In  life counseling sessions Nahizji looks inside you and guides you into the space of your heart.