Awakened Kundalini Teacher

Nahizji, an awakened Kundalini master and wisdom teacher, working in the tradition of the Mystery School of Isis, transmits the legacy of Mary Magdalene to whose who seek for it. It is the Kundalini teaching of devotion into which she was initiated. Her practical instructions guide people on their way to self-knowledge.


It is my hand that touches you. It is my heart that recognizes you.


Nahizji founded the Holistic Life Home organization in 2020,
which offers a space for retreat and reflection, for inspiration, for conscious living and working together in the community.


Online Satsang

Online Satsang with Nahizji

You can experience the online satsang with Nahizji from the comfort of your own home and from there you can immerse yourself in the strong energy field of the event.

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Offers from Nahzji

Satsang mit Nahizji

In Satsang you can ask your questions from all areas of life and receive answers from Nahizji from her medial point of view.

Seminar und Retreats mit Nahizji

Seminars & retreats
Seminars and retreats with Nahizji offer you the opportunity to withdraw from everyday life and open up a space for conscious reflection.

Lebensberatung mit Nahizji

Life counseling
In  life counseling sessions Nahizji looks inside you and guides you into the space of your heart.