Visionary and Kundalini Master

Nahizji works as a visionary and Kundalini master who dedicates her entire heart fire to the soul development of people.
In the teaching of devotion that she imparts, people gain access to their true self. In inner study, in conversations with Nahizji and in practical exercises, the seekers receive individual instructions on their path of awakening, which clarify their direction and stabilize their development.

Nahizji acts as the ambassador of Mary Magdalene, who accompanies the seekers through her instructions on the way to their comprehensive transformation.

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Awakening Process

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Monday, the 10/16/2023

Investors sought for healing center in southern France

Do you want to invest in the holistic healing center of the Holistic Life Home?

The healing center Holistic Life Home, which Nahizji founded in Germany in 2020, is moving to France at the end of September. We are urgently looking for a house where the work of Nahizji and her team can continue. The center that will be built here near Rennes-le-Chateau will be a place of regeneration, healing and soul development.

Events in 2023

Online-Satsang with Nahizji

What is your heart calling for?

In Satsang people meet who are interested in looking deeper into their hearts in search of truth.
Your questions from all walks of life are welcome here.

Fühlbare Worte

It is my hand that touches you.
It is my heart that recognizes you.


Nahizji in France

From 05/15/23 Nahizji lives and works in southern France.

You can use the following offers with her:

Individual consultations (on site and via zoom)
Individual processes for a profound clarification and your soul development
Initiations in the three caves and in the Church of Mary Madgalene

Learn more about the initiations with Nahizji:

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Berührende Einblicke in das
„Die Hingabe der Maria Magdalena“

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Mit Nahizji in Ägypten an den Kraftorten zu sein, hat bei allen Teilnehmern das innere Feuer geweckt. Es wurde fühlbar, welch enorme Kraft dem Menschen innewohnt und welch transformierende Wirkung die Kundalini der Hingabe entfalten kann. 

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Holistic Life Home

Nahizji gründete 2020 die Organisation 
Holistic Life Home,
die einen Raum bietet, für Rückzug und Reflexion, für Inspiration, für gemeinsames bewusstes Leben und Wirken in der Gemeinschaft.


Online-Satsang mit Nahizji
19.00 – 20.30 Uhr,

Den Online-Satsang mit Nahizji kannst du bequem von zu Hause miterleben, von dort aus in das starke Energiefeld des Events mit eintauchen und deine Fragen stellen.

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