Inner Study

The key to total surrender

The Inner Study is based on the Kundalini teaching of devotion transmitted to Nahizji by Mary Magdalene.

In practicing Inner Study you will be introduced to the teachings of devotion. In feeling your feelings and reflecting on your unconscious belief patterns lies the key to complete surrender, getting involved with your true self. This is where your authentic being lies hidden, which forms the essential prerequisite for your soul development.

Your heart impulses reveal to you the destiny that wants to be lived through you. Through the teaching of devotion, accompanied by Nahizji, you will be able to recognize these impulses more and more clearly. Reflecting on your beliefs and feeling your feelings will help you to resolve and transform the imbalances in your body system. Over time you will gain an emotional stability that guides you into an alert presence. Expanding them will awaken within you a higher power of awareness through which your true self will flourish.

Self reflection

Recognizing old patterns and programs

Presence training

Feeling the feelings and perception of sensations

Kundalini Activation

Kundalini-Energy transmission

Nahizji’s comprehensive approach picks you up at the point where your individual development wants to happen. You will receive tools specially tailored to you, which will make it easier for you to implement what you have learned in everyday life.

Nahizji supports you in clarifying issues from numerous areas of life:

– Partnership

– Relationship with children

– Family

– Sexuality

– Healing of the body

– Company

– Success

– Soul development

– Profession

– Finances

Mysterienschule der Isis, Hingabe, Isis Figur


Die Linie, in der Nahizji wirkt und die sie weiterführt, ist die Mysterienschule. Sie bildet die Basis des „Inneren Studiums“.

Weitere Angebote von Nahizji

Kundalini Energie

Kundalini der Hingabe

Nahizji lehrt seit 2006 suchende Menschen in der inneren Arbeit, der Philosophie und Praxis des allgemeinen und fokussierten Kundalini-Weges.


Lehre und Wirken

Sie unterstützt die Menschen in ihrer Seelenentwicklung, indem sie sie an die Kraft der Hingabe erinnert, die sie in ihren Alltag integrieren können.

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