Kundalini of devotion

The living and ecstatic power

The Effect of Kundalini

Kundalini is an interplay of feminine and masculine energies, also described as Ida (left side of the body) and Pingala (right side of the body), the lunar (black) and the solar (golden) serpent, which constantly enliven each other.
The Kundalini energy is highly alive and creates an electromagnetic field that opens the space for wave-like ecstasy.

The information that it transmits to the entire body system is used where it is needed. The areas in the body that are blocked are increasingly revitalized with Kundalini energy so that what is blocked can be released.

This stabilizes and strengthens your body system, which has a transformative and healing effect and leads to increased awareness and liberation.

Trennlinie gewellt

General Kundalini way

Nahizji has been teaching seekers in inner work, teaching and practice of the general Kundalini path since 2006.

By learning the basics of the Kundalini of devotion and recognizing its directional trace, the student gains the ability to live more consciously within their social structures. The central point of this process is to bring harmony and balance into these structures. In this way they experience more satisfaction and success in their lives.

Focused Kundalini way

Kundalini der Hingabe

The focused Kundalini path is the most powerful and fastest path of soul development and therefore also the most dangerous, for a life-transforming force can also be a life-destroying force if used without the necessary commitment, devotion, focus and understanding becomes.
Therefore, this form should only be practiced after careful preparation and under the constant guidance and observation of an expert.
If this form of Kundalini is practiced, a change will take place on the inner level within a very short time, which will radically dismantle the usual life and social structures.
For this reason, the path of focused Kundalini requires a teacher who consistently  instructs the student to integrate and actualize the intensity and impulses of Kundalini.

Nahizji teaches the focused path of Kundalini in her community, initiating her students into the teachings of the Kundalini of Devotion. This includes constantly remembering one’s presence through feeling one’s feelings and reflecting on one’s belief patterns on a daily basis. Through the practice of Kundalini, students attain the highest level of uniqueness of their true selves, where the human transforms into the divine within them. Through this highest realization they put their gift at the service of life.

Sacred partnership

The sacred partnership has a special intensity, which is shown by the fact that as soon as the couple is in the kundalini event, the rising energies of their body systems stimulate each other in a special way again and again in a playful, dynamic and ecstatic way.

This subtle intensity is getting closer and steadily increasing, up to the cosmic orgasm, which happens at the moment when both energies meet in the heart.

The love fire that arises in this encounter is highly invigorating and healing, the game begins again and each time your own action changes more and more to letting happen what wants to happen in and through the body.

The Kundalini energy is of the highest precision that is fully focused on the merging event.
Both partners surrender to this high frequency of their hearts and thus reach a transcendent level.
Their energies magically merge together, creating a great expansion and penetrating into the universal energy.
In the couple’s everyday life there is a strong attraction to this kundalini experience.
BEING together is characterized by the utmost attentiveness and care for one another. It inspires shared visions, always serves growth and is a true fountain of youth for body and mind.
The couple’s ever-increasing capacity for love is healing for each other and for others as well.
This loving encounter is deeply sacred.

“To know,
that you don’t need
the other
to be happy,
is liberation.

To know,
that through the other
you want to recognize
is enrichment.”


Kundalini Initiation

The powerfully transformative Kundalini power has been working through Nahizji since 2013. This highly lively energy has a deeply healing effect on the entire human body system and supports individual awareness. Nahizji acts as a pure conduit for the energy that awakens the Kundalini vibration within you. This happens through codes, in the form of light language, as well as through gentle touching on your clothed body. You can receive this Kundalini initiation for yourself on site or remotely.

You are cordially invited to experience yourself in this intense energy of Kundalini.

Mysterienschule der Isis, Hingabe, Isis Figur


Die Linie, in der Nahizji wirkt und die sie weiterführt, ist die Mysterienschule. Sie bildet die Basis des „Inneren Studiums“.


Lehre und Wirken

Nahizjis Präsenz ist höchst belebend. Ihre Essenz ist die Stille, wobei ihr Wirken sehr dynamisch ist.

Mit Nahizji den Weg gehen

Inneres Studium

Das Innere Studium basiert auf der Lehre der Kundalini der Hingabe, die Nahizji von Maria Magdalena übermittelt wurde.

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