Life counseling

Clarification of your current topics from the medial point of view

Individual and couple counseling

In the lively counselling sessions with Nahziji, she accompanies you lovingly and uncompromisingly through the process of clarifying your current issues.

The instructions she transmits from the mediumistic perspective enable you to recognise your old patterns of belief and behaviour as well as suppressed feelings.
In this process you come into contact with the quality of letting in everything that was previously blocked within you. In this letting in, the surrender within you is touched, which exposes the old and gradually transforms it, whereby undreamt-of powers within you become increasingly tangible.
Feeling these forces connects you directly with your presence, which opens up the path to healing.

You experience deep love and joy in your existence, as well as an alignment to where your soul still wants to develop further.

1:1 Awakening Process
3 month counseling process online

1:1 Pilgrimage in the south of France
to the holy places of Mary Magdalene

Single or couple counseling
online or on site

Family healing
3 month process
with or without the family

E-mail Abo
over 1 month, in the amount of 5 or 10 emails to Nahizji

Important: Any fees for an appointment with Nahizji must be paid in advance.

Participant quotes

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