Satsang with Nahizji

Satsang – being in truth (sat) in community (sangha).

In Satsang people meet who are interested in looking deeper into their hearts.
This opening of the heart can be experienced in Satsang by singing together, in exchange with Nahizji and in meditation.

So Nahizji invites you into a space of presence where you can meet yourself. Your questions from all areas of life, which are currently moving you inside, are welcome and Nahizji responds to them from her extensive, medial point of view.

It leads you to conscious recognition, where you can increasingly encounter your true self and recognize your feelings and thought patterns.
As a result, more lightness and joy can be felt in your everyday life and healing can take place.

Nahizji Isis Satsang

Current Satsang dates:


In the field of a strong presence you are touched by the power of the now. In the presence of Nahizji you will come into contact with the beliefs, behaviors and suppressed feelings that limit your quality of life. Their transmitted cues guide you towards recognizing these patterns and feelings.

Medial abilities

Medial abilities are subject to an inner guidance that guides the person who was initiated here through divine instructions. Nahizji, operating free from the constructs of the ego, transmits these divine impulses to the seekers through her channel of clairvoyance.

True nature

Experiencing yourself from your heart in everything is the authentic expression of your soul in the here and now. You are one with yourself, with your true nature, drawing from the source of love that you are. That is the only true stability here on earth. It’s what every human being longs for – to be happy with themselves.

Current Satsang dates

Satsang mit Nahizji in Stemwede

Satsang in Stemwede
from 6 to 7:30 pm

no current dates because Nahizji will be in Southern France from 15.05. on

Here you can ask your questions from all areas of life, which Nahizji will address from her medial perspective.

Online Satsang

Online satsang live
Fr., 18.08.2023
from 6 to 7:30 pm

You can experience the online satsang with Nahizji from the comfort of your own home, from where you can immerse yourself in the strong energy field of the event and ask your questions.


Mit Nahizji den Weg gehen

Inner Study

The Inner Study is based on the teaching of the Kundalini of Devotion transmitted by Mary Magdalene to Nahizji.

Kundalini Energie

Kundalini of devotion

Nahizji has been teaching seekers in the inner work, philosophy and practice of the general and focused Kundalini path since 2006.


Teach and work

She supports people in their soul development by reminding them of the power of devotion, which they can integrate into their everyday lives.

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