Call for Donation

We are living and working in community under the conscious leadership of Nahizji and, as the Holistic Life Home organization, we would like to expand our healing and event center with various offers for all interested people.


Our inner burning is to offer a framework in which Nahizji enables as many spiritual seekers as possible to experience soul development and awakening for manifesting the golden age of the new earth and the new human being.


Our internal concepts are ready for implementation and in constant growth. In the current time there is an increasing demand for our offers, so that we are increasingly expanding our flexible online and individual face-to-face events.


In order to place and establish our expanding organization on stable pillars in the areas of economy, administration and law, we need professional support. With all fees, permits, office technology, software, hardware, marketing costs, etc., the total is around € 20,000.



Do you feel inspired by our ideas?

Then help us NOW to realize this project with your donation!