Satsang with Nahizji

We cordially invite you to

Satsang with Nahizji,

every Wednesday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm in the Holistic Life Home (Stemwede).

Can't you be there? Then it is also possible to take part in the Satsang online via Zoom.


 Value: 30 €


 Here you can ask your questions from all areas of life that Nahizji will address.


 Nahizji supports you in clarifying topics from numerous areas of life:

- Live a joyful partnership

- sovereign relationship with children

- harmonious family life

- femininity and masculinity

- vivid sexuality

- self-love

- heal the body

- Expand spirituality

- work relaxed

- live successfully

- develop your own skills



Registration for Satsang: HERE