Kundalini of Devotion

Kundalini of devotion is a most sacred power that serves the soul development and healing of the human being.

This is the strongest and fastest way to transform.


Nahizji transmits the Kundalini path of devotion and the holistic teaching and way of life of Mary Magdalene, which leads to self-knowledge through perceiving, feeling and reflecting.


The student is guided along the way in acquiring and using the skills needed to move through the levels of development.

What has been learned can thus be increasingly integrated into everyday life.

To live what corresponds to your own heart is the highest happiness and salvation on earth.

Effects of Kundalini

Kundalini is an energy that, when activated, moves upwards the spine from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Kundalini is an interaction of female and male energies, also described as Ida (left side of the body) and Pingala (right side of the body), the lunar (black) and the solar (golden) snake, which invigorate each other again and again. 


 Kundalini energy is very much alive and creates an electromagnetic field that opens the space for wave-like ecstasy.  The information that is transmitted to the entire body system is used where it is needed. Blocked areas in the body are increasingly supplied with Kundalini energy. This stabilizes and strengthens your body system, which has a transformative and healing effect and leads to an increase in awareness and liberation.

Inner Study

The inner study of Kundalini is a teaching to explore the soul. Here in this room, the student is guided on his way to acquire and use the skills that are needed to move through the levels of his awareness development. These will lead him to his center, to his heart. In the temple of his heart he realizes his true self. To recognize this and to live it is the highest happiness and salvation on earth.

General Kundalini Way

Nahizji has been teaching the inner work, philosophy and practice of the general Kundalini path to searching people since 2006.  By learning the fundamentals of Kundalini and seeing its directional trail, the student is able to live successfully in his family life and social structures. Here it will be possible for him to activate the recognition of himself and his own healing process.

Focused Kundalini Way

The focused Kundalini path is the strongest and fastest path of soul development and therefore also the most dangerous one, because a life-transforming force can also be a life-destroying force if it is used without the necessary commitment, devotion, focus and understanding . Therefore, this form should only be practiced after careful preparation and under constant guidance and observation of an expert. If this form of Kundalini is practiced, a change will take place on the inner level within a very short time, which will radically dismantle the social structures of everyday life. For this reason, the path of focused Kundalini requires a teacher who consistently teaches the student to integrate and realize the intensity and impulses of Kundalini.

The couple experience of Kundalini

The experience of the couple has a special intensity, which is shown in the fact that as soon as both are in the Kundalini event, the rising energies of their body systems stimulate each other in a playful and ecstatic way.  This subtle intensity gets closer and closer and increases steadily, up to the cosmic orgasm, which happens at the moment when both energies meet in the heart.  The love-fire that arises in this encounter is extremely invigorating, the game starts again and each time your own action changes more and more to let happen, what wants to happen in and through the body. 

The Kundalini energy is of the highest precision, which is fully focused on the event of merging.  Both partners surrender to this high vibrating frequency of their hearts and thus reach a transcendent level.


  In a magical way, their energies merge with each other, create a great expansion and penetrate into the universal energy.  A strong attraction for this Kundalini experience can be felt in the couple’s everyday life.  BEING together is characterized by the greatest care and attention to one another. It inspires shared visions, always serving for growth and is a real tonic body and mind.  The couple’s constantly increasing ability to love is beneficial for one another and also for others. 

This loving encounter is deeply sacred.