Healing the DNA

Codes of DNA

All DNA is based on universal codes that are received and transmitted through the soul. In doing so, they continuously update human software. You stabilize his health on the physical and psychological level and support his soul development.


Consequences of a disturbed DNA

What prevents this daily update and thus the use of the resources of the soul, are programs that have been adopted with the associated behavioral patterns that contain low-vibrating codes. These make people more prone to malfunctions

5G (or similar) radiation, other energies affecting people or places, effects of vaccinations, as well as diseases of all kinds. This impairment is increasingly evident in the various areas of human life.


Healing the DNA

Nahizji works via remote energy transmission, as well as working individually or in pairs on site.

One of her ways of accessing the internal studies works on the basis of her media skills with the decoding of the old, disturbing codes that limit people in the realization of their potential and cause latent dissatisfaction, up to and including various illnesses. Furthermore, Nahizji transfers current codes into the human DNA, which improve and renew his software. In this way the soul development and the healing process are supported. The body system of the respective person is prepared individually for decoding and retransmission.


Neutralization of vaccinations

In order to neutralize the negative effects of a vaccination, which can show up depending on your personal constitution, and to reactivate the original vibration of the DNA, Nahizji transmits the download of current codes that restore the basic DNA structure so that the entire body system is increasingly harmonized , stabilized and healed.