The heritage of Mary Magdalene

During her intense awakening process in 2005, a profound change occurred to Nahizji. In a transcendent meditation the ego stepped completely into the background and there was a complete surrender of her body to the cosmic mother Isis, who initiated the Kundalini energy in her.

A bit later, Mary Magdalene gave her the heritage of the Kundalini of surrender.


This power of surrender serves to shift collective consciousness and healing on earth and manifests the appreciation of the feminine.

The path for soul development can only take place through surrender.


Nahizji imparts this teaching to people today in retreats and one-on-one / couple processes.


My beloved being,

that seeks home on earth,

adjust your will

to the experience

so it may fill you.


Always be ready

to feel life,

that’s how you feel me

my soul power

and it’s light.


I am,

what you’re longing for

the openness,

the love,

the surrender

you feel and 

you know.


I will initiate you

in this power

and linger in you

with it’s glory.



in this event

heart to heart

we will see love

 in everything.