Teaching and Work

Nahizji, wisdom teacher, holistic healer and visionary accompanies seekers on the way to the truth of their heart. She sees and knows the challenges on this path and also the veils that obscure the clear view. In her work she embodies the connection of her media skills with devotion to life.

Nahizji is focused and highly invigorating in her presence.

Her essence is silence and her work is very dynamic.

It is noticeable that she can look deep into people's hearts.

Her directness goes beyond any comfort zone and thus uncovers unconscious thoughts.

Her humorous, loving, but also uncompromising way touches and shakes, clears and heals people on their way to self-knowledge.

During her intense awakening process in 2005, she was given the inheritance of Mary Magdalene, the Kundalini teaching of devotion. Since then, Nahizji has been supporting people with their soul development in retreats and individual processes, whereby they can remember this healing power and integrate it over time. This power of surrender serves the shift of collective consciousness and healing on earth and manifests the appreciation of the feminine.


Philosophy and Practice:

Self reflection

Training of perception

Recognize old patterns and programs

Feel and change feelings

Transform the causes of complaints and illnesses

Recognize and live your own talent

Kundalini activation


You can find out more about Nahizji on the new website Holistic Life Home: HERE