Career and turning point

The birth of her son (seriously ill) brought Nahizji, as she says today, the decisive teacher who gave a direction to her search.


In the following time she was accompanied by a healer, who always encouraged her to follow her true self and to use her mediumistic abilities, which led to the healing of her son.


From this a clear realization followed, which gave her the impulse to go withdraw for three years.

During this time, she lived alone in a form of contemplation in silence in which an intense process of awakening occurred within her.


During this awakening process, she was given the inheritance of Mary Magdalene, the Kundalini teaching of devotion.


She is imparting this form of healing work and awareness development throughout Europe in seminars and individual / couple training, satsangs and energy transmissions.


Nahizji was born as Isabella in Poland in 1974.

In Germany she initially worked in the areas of nutrition, fitness and aerobics, Qi Gong, foot reflexology, Dorn-Breuss treatments, Tantra and healing meditations until the birth of her son, which activated a turning point in her life.


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