Animals and Children the Unacknowledged Gurus

The wisdom of children and animals is often undervalued, although they can teach us a lot. They are still so authentic, that they can act as barometers for us. My son´s disease led me to consciously recognize my way of thinking and my connection to my inner self was not aligned. All of this awareness and action led to my son being healed.

About three years ago another opportunity for conscious connection happened, when my son brought my attention to a horse barn during a walk. Little did I know, at the time, how important horses would become to me.

This is when my interest of horses began and understanding of their diverse aspects, they showed me. Since then I have mastered nonverbal communication with all creatures. And more specifically this horse, named Isis.

The following example can clarify, how nonverbal communication works and how to bring it into every day life.


Our current awareness has a vibrational frequency, that expresses to outwardly. This frequency can be explained in terms of  body language and vocabulary.

During communication between man and animal, specifically a horse and myself, just by the horses´ presence, it reflects to man his own consciousness at that moment. In that instant there is an invitation to welcome, what is showing up right now. If we use this opportunity to receive in a welcoming way, what is showing up and then getting present in the awareness, a non verbal communication happens, first just inside ourselves and then including the horse.


This means: If I am not clear at that exact moment of what I want, the horse will receive this information as unclear and indecisive. If I do not agree with what is rising inside of me, and I am in resistance, the horse receives the information of resistance and reacts accordingly. But if I notice what is happening inside of me right at that moment and 

I am willing to welcome this in, a gentle transmission of the informations occurs, according to my intention. 


In the old ways of training horses, if the horse does not react the way we want, we would blame, discipline and constrain it, very often with tools like a horsewhip. Do we notice, what is arising inside of us at that moment ( what feeling?, what body sensation? ) and are we being loving with this, as we become aware, we will notice the exchange of information is constant. What will then emerge is an equal togetherness of man and horse, conveyed in the video (see the video below)

You will see simple body signals and presence working together playfully and a gentle, loving and vibrant meeting of two partners happening.


To be with animals and children is one of the many wonderful possibilities given by life, so that our awareness unfolds.