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Healing Treatment - Energytransfer


On Sunday Nahiz will be in Düsseldorf again and offer healing treatments by imposing her hands on the body and transfering deep energy for all physical and psychic diseases .


Moreover it is possible, to book a personal conversation with Nahiz on top, that will give a fundamental clearing of your issues.


Nahiz is working as a healer and wisdom teacher throughout Europe and accompanying people into a holistic alignment with their getting whole.


30 minutes (treatment) = 50 Euro

60 minutes (treatment and conversation) = 100 Euro


place: Seelenbaum, Paulistr. 11, Düsseldorf-Benrath


Nahiz will start the first treatment at 10 am an the last at 9 pm.  Within this period you can book a treatment.

Application at Namitan, Tel: 02571 – 588 68 85


Please applicate early.


Retreat - Awakening-Process / White-Egypt. Tantra 


25th of december 2016 - 1st of january 2017               >> read more


Seminar content will be for example:

Awakening of the third eye
The third eye is the direct access to god, the divine in you, who you really are- the inlightenment.
By opening your third eye there will show up your potentials and many new possibilities will fulfill you in a holistic way.


Awakening of the kundalini

The awakening of the kundalini will activate energies, that will increase the vibration inside your body and by this will support your transforming and healing process.


Please look closely which confirmation you give yourself to achieve what you really are.


Are you truly settled to go these steps, then go them totally and it will be easy and powerful in your life.


Are you dubious about your decision, you will get pulled into an undertow of tangling and distractions that will paralyze you over time and throw you off course. 


Please understand:

Where you deny your commitment, you leave yourself and powerlessness will rule you.


Please be attentive.

Every commitment you give to yourself and fulfill, will enrich and empower 


Every commitment you give to yourself and don ´ t fulfill, will weaken and destroy you.


If you recognize that you cannot fulfill this commitment any more, take it back, so that tension and frustration will hover over you, because you decided consciously to not go these steps any more.


The wise ones among you,

searching the truth,

will find it.


A direct access to your true power will get free by opening your third eye. Everyone who wants to pass this gate towards him/herself, towards the cosmic wisdom, will be enabled this by Nahiz with different initiations in a awakening-process from 25th of december to 1st of january.


You will see with your heart,

you will dear with your heart.



From this view - 

you are the master and creator of your life,

who can create everything

by the purity of your intention.