Decide "New"

If you make a decision, life is going to provide you every possibility to reach the goal you wished for.  Life is loving you profoundly and therefore it will give it to you. 

If you are not able to take what comes to you as a possibility - out of fear, mistrust, doubt...

Know exactly, this is the point where you are being taken into the stories the mind creates.

This is the point where you start debating with your mind: a "yes" to this, a "no" to this, a "later" to this...
This debating will separate you from the original power you had, when you made your decision.


Here is a hint for you, how you can make a new decision and then follow your alignment:

Look at your decision

- feel, how it is for you

See, what you are willing to shift in order to reach this aim

- check in and feel this also 

See what priority this decision has for you,

- feel this

What would your life be like, if you could achieve your goal

- feel this


and "now"




Dare to begin anew, 

dare to do a new step

dare to get into motion.


Trust yourself,


what you really want.


Trust the power that is guiding you.

Trust and give up struggling against your inner knowing.


and come back home.



I am here.

I am here,

where you are.


I am

I am with you.

With love, Nahiz