Free from Karma

 Free from karma and into increasing awareness!

This is the time where a lot is possible:

Use this time to systematically cleanse the body.


At this time, our solar system is experiencing a transition to the 5th dimension,

such a dimensional change happens every 26,000 years.

What does that mean ?

 Up to this moment, 70% of people on Earth are living in the 3rd and 4th dimensions

with their karmic, unconscious beliefs.

Maybe you're sick, angry, dissatisfied with life, jealous, hateful, depressed, or...

Please understand, these emotions have been stored in your cell memory for generations. They create your outward circumstances and it´s not your fault.


What is Karma?

Karma is a universal law: Any action, whether we judge it as positive or negative, is the cause of later life circumstances.

Our current life circumstances are based on our actions in the past and our future life circumstances are based on our current actions. What prevents us from living our     heart´s desires is "negative" Karma, that our body consciousness has not yet transformed.

Negative Karma is often reflected as traumatic experiences that have been stored in your cell memory.

How has this happened?

For example:  You were involved in some kind of violence, physically or emotionally.

At that moment you were in a shock. In order to live, your survival instinct was activated. At that moment your cells opened and adrenaline was released. After this, your cells closed and held this experience.

From this a pattern of behavior was built up. Now any similar experience to the original violence triggers a "red alert" in your body. This "red alert" causes an unconscious reaction of defensive behavior/trained patterns.

Because of these reactions to life  you are constantly on guard, your quality of life is getting more and more depleted and you are feeling more and more unhappy.

A note:These traumatic experiences from this life and all past lives get stored in your cell memory and also the traumas of your ancestors. You may constantly be wondering why this or that has to  happen to you.

For example; downturns in life, unexpected illness, fears and anxiety, lack of money... This is the result of your untransformed beliefs and outdated behavior patterns.

Now is your chance to put yourself first.
Because of these cosmic events at this time and the immensely strong energy, 

 - please pay attention  - you can completely free yourself from this old karma.

All you should DO is to prepare your body so that your cells and your body awareness can absorb this highly vibrating cosmic energy.

What can you do for it now?

1. Stop eating animals!


Whether free range or farmed, no animal is kept according to its nature. Calves are moved away from the mothers, young bulls are slaughtered in their first year, although their lifespan can be up to 36 years. Animals have emotions and because of these traumatic experiences negative emotions and their suffering gets stored in their cells . These stored negative emotions are then consumed by you and more negativity is added to your cells. 

In addition, the animals are vaccinated with substances containing heavy metals like amalgam, mercury and genetically manipulated additives. You are then consuming all drugs regularly given to these animals.

2. If you want to eat cheese, be sure to choose a cheese with microbial rennet.


Many cheeses contain animal rennet, which is obtained from the abomasum of young calves, that means, the abomasal mucosa of slaughtered calves (usually in the 3rd to 6th month of life) is chopped, the effective enzymes are extracted and then added to the milk of the cheese, to ensure the coagulation process. This process can be achieved just as well with microbial rennet.

3. Add fresh turmeric to your diet every day (3-4g peeled, try it in a Smoothie or turmeric powder in mashed potatoes, rice dishes, vegetable pans, soups...)

4. Nettle seeds, dried, 1 tbsp over salads, soups or porridge (acts as a blood purifier)

5. Haritaki, a 5,000 year old Ayurvedic herb great for digestion and many other things

You can get it here: Cosmoveda shipping, 200 vegan capsules for about 25 euros

6. Do not consume eggs, yeast or mushrooms. These are also living creatures, that store negative emotions and thus bring them into your system by eating them.


The hints I´m  giving to  you  are just to open your healing channel,

so that you absorb as much as possible of the current powerful energy coming onto the earth.


In order to recognize the patterns of belief and behavior that cause the disturbances on the mental and physical levels, which then requires the inner work, that is accompanied by a comprehensive view. This is possible in one on one discussions and seminars with Nahiz.