Happy Beginning

It is possible for you to live happily ever after.

But understand this...

Whatever happens, the Ego is waiting for a happy ending,

but the paradox is, the Ego will never find that happy ending.

It´s possible to overwrite this paradox by installing new software.

This is how it´s done:

You can go from the Happy Ending to the Happy Beginning.

When circumstances in your life end, a relationship, a job, a move, etc.

there is already a new beginning  coming for you.

The change of circumstance never really ends and never begins,

it takes place in every moment and every breath.

As soon as you are completely here, happiness begins,

this is your natural state, your true nature.

But often there is a  cinema playing inside of your head

with thousands of thoughts,  belief patterns and behavioral patterns.

For example: Everyday thoughts (how can it work? - how can I do it all?) - I will not do that because it's too dangerous for me, I'm afraid of change, it's too exhausting, it's never enough, I am too sick to do this or that, etc.)

Please understand:

Even giving birth can be painful or easy, it is in your hands how you experience it,

this becomes clear as soon as you follow your heart.

If you follow your heart,

you will be able to feel natural impulses from within,

in the simplest, yet purposeful way.

These impulses then strengthen and support you,

even when the cinema in your head is playing very loudly.

Even during these times transformation is taking place:

during the biggest transformation of all, birth,

the time in the mother's womb ends and life on Earth begins.

That's the law of the universe.

If you follow your heart, then you serve God,

the divine, the highest, that resides in you.

You are filled with devotion

and you are constantly attracted to it.

This devotion then moves you into deeper and deeper spaces of trust.



Always focus on what's right here,

use the power to observe and see what you can discover here in this moment,

in every situation, in every encounter.

In time you will be able to recognize and acknowledge it,

the bloom of the moment,

celebrate this moment,

and most of all celebrate yourself.

It's a Happy Beginning for you, time to stop looking for the Happy Ending, 

always be here,

always be at the beginning of happiness,

so you can always be a witness,

to where happiness is born, and every time you feel it,

you are the aspect of Self, that corresponds to the truth.

You are God in the human body,

who never dies and lives forever.

You are the luck and at the same time the Source,

so come back to you yourself

and celebrate

the Happy Beginnings with yourself.