Transformation- & Detox-Vital-Retreat 



Satsang and Transformation-Energy-Work

During two or three session per day Nahiz will support you in dissolving your thought patterns,

that prevented you until now from living healthyly, successfully and fulfilled.

The evening-session will be a guided Detox-Meditation,

that will lead you into deeper spaces of your consciousness,

where the thoughts and the autonomic nervous system will calm down.

By this your heart will open up and self healing forces will be activated.

An extensive clarification will happen and your path will get a noticeable alignment.


Detoxification Process with Nicole
With an organic and vital nutrition,
palatable,  for daily use and filling,
the purification of the whole body will be supported in a gentle and  effective way.
Detox-Vital-Yoga with Namitan 
With daily exercises, tuned to the current cleaning processes,
the body will be supported in a gentle way,
by addressing the appropriate meridians and the digestive and respiratory system.

It is important to stay in the energetic field during the whole retreat (also during the nights), even though you might live nearby or come with a caravan, because Nahiz will go on working on the soul and spirit level in the energy field of each participant during the nights, so that the process will go on running and deepening.



seminar fee:                        1.000,- Euro

detox-vital-yoga:                 175,- Euro

accomodation:                      400,- Euro

catering:                                     245,- Euro (bio-vegan, glutenfree, delicious)

shuttle service:                                    on demand 


coming to Ibiza:                                 in your own responsibility