Life Counseling and Healing Treatments




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Further explanations of counseling/healing - see below


Life Counseling

Sessions concerning all aspects of life and business

in person, by phone or Skype


Individual Sessions                              60 min. - 100 Euro


Couple Session:                                             60 min. - 170 Euro

                                                                       90 min. - 250 Euro


For sessions by phone/Skype less than 60 min. - 2 Euro per min.


Holistic Counseling                       60 min. - 100 Euro

for Entrepreneurs


Healing Treatments


Individual:                                              60 min.  - 100 Euro

Distance Healing:                              60 min.  - 100 Euro



(combination of counseling and healing treatments)

One on one Process:                          4 hrs a day - 260 per day

                                                                            (65 Euro per hr)

Couples Process:                                   4 hrs a day - 470 per day


One on one Intensive Process:  6 hrs a day - 360 per day

                                                                            (60 Euro per hr)

Couple Intensive Process:             6 hrs a day - 670 per day


Basic Yearlong Process:                                                                                                                        more info

Rolling start date, duration: 12 months

Structure: every month there is a 3 day intensive lasting 4 hours each day


Intensive Yearlong Process:                                                                                                             more info

Rolling start date, duration: 12 months

Structure: 1st two months: 3 day intensive lasting 6 hours each day

                          3rd month:            7 day intensive lasting 6 hours each day

                          (this timing is repeated for the full 12 months)


If you cancel an appointments before 7 days you will be charged the full price.


Further explanations of counseling/healing - see below


Individual and Couple Sessions 

Individual/couple sessions allow you to examine any blocks or limitations and move towards possibility. With the help of Nahiz you will move through and lighten issues and come to clarity about insights and solutions.

Frequently addressed topics:  

purpose and calling, relationships, sexuality, homosexuality, conscious parenting, burnout, stress, depression, working efficiently, living authentically, natural appreciation and gratitude.


Healing Treatment

During healing treatment Nahiz will lay her hands on your body which will reverse disturbing fields and patterns of behavior created by unconscious thinking.

These patterns, if not addressed, cause different physical symptoms that may hold you back in life. The treatments activate self healing forces that foster the healing process and break the unconscious patterns.


Distance Healing Treatment

The Distance Healing Treatment is a transfer of energy, that touches the central nervous system. It works to balance, calm, motivate, relax and heal. It is helpful with diseases of both, physical and psychological type, for example:

fear of flying, examination stress, phobias, depression, trauma, incontinence, sexual disorders, migraine, back pain, disorders of the organs and joints, dermal disorders, during surgical procedures, etc.

So that you and your whole body are fully aligned and open to possibility.

This treatment can also be useful without having a specific diseases. In these cases the treatment serves your own development process by clarifying and showing where you can better find alignment.  

If requested ahead of time you can have a short counseling before or after a session.