seminars and retreats

3-part seminar row 

closing date: 15th sept. 2017 - number of participants limited


"The Healer in You" 

Fr., 29.09. - Su., 01.10.2017

Fr., 03.11. -  Su., 05.11. 2017

Fr., 01.12. -  Su., 03.12. 2017

in Lengerich/Westf.

Body Scan - Detox-Food and Yoga - BioScan

This row of seminars attended by Nahiz will train you, to perceive your healing energies so as to get able to heal yourself.  It will be possible for everyone to connect to your own self-regulating forces. The daily 12-hours program will deepen and strengthen the participants ´ intuition by practical exercises that can easily be used in daily life 


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New Years-Retreat



Completion - Renewal

25th of December 2017

- 01st of January 2018

in Greven

During this Retreat you will go into deeper, still unconscious systems, where you get the possibility to complete with the old pain and suffering and the belonging memories by seeing through these old programmings.

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