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Light Powers Intensiv



Potentiate your Powers
18th - 21st of April 

venue will soon be announced 

This seminar is about potentiating your powers. This will happen by relaxing deeply and consciously by doing selected exercises that support this state. That will submit the accessibility for an absorbing openness from which the body perception will get stronger. By this, your potentials will get clearer and aligned and their dynamic and ability of implementation will increase directly.  - read more -



Application until 15th of April 2017 - attendance limited


Re-create Your Life

21st to 28th of July 

in Alanya / Turky

This Retreat will open your own authentic access to a room from which your invisible impulses / talents want to get materialized. This room is your creation center, your room of possibilities.

 - more info and pictures -


New Years-Retreat



Completion - Renewal

25th of December 2017

- 01st of January 2018

in Greven

During this Retreat you will go into deeper, still unconscious systems, where you get the possibility to complete with the old pain and suffering and the belonging memories by seeing through these old programmings.

                                                                             - read more -