Free reply on your individual questions

via letter or email 

(please enclose a photo, if possible)  

1. counselling sessions about issues concerning all aspects of 

    life - on site, by phone or by skype


    single session:                             90 min. - value: 150 Euro

    couple session:                            90 min. - value: 250 Euro

    counsellings by phone/skype   less than 90 min. - value per min. = 2 Euro


    intensive process

    single process:                             4 hours the day - value: 200 Euro   

    couple process:                            4 hours the day - value: 350 Euro


2. white-egypt. tantra:                 90 min. - value: 150 Euro


3. distant healing treatment:      90 min. - value: 150 Euro


House calls  for councellings and body treatments on demand


If you break an appointments, during the last 7 days before,

you have to pay the full price.



Explanations about the offers


Single and Couple Sessions 

In single/couple sessions you get the possibility to broach everything that is moving you currently and to lighten this issues, with the help of Nahiz, in order to see more clearly. 

Frequently broached issues:  

profession / call, partnership, sexuality, homosexuality, parentship - conscious togetherness with children, burnout, stress, depression, company efficiency, living authentically, natural appreciation and tribute


Distant Healing Treatment

The Distant Healing Treatment is a transfer of energy, touching the central nerve system. It works balancing, calming, motivating, relaxing and healing and thereby it is helpful with diseases of physical and psychological kind, like for example:

fear of flying, examination stress, phobias, depression, traumata, incontinence, sexual disorders, migrane, back pain, organic disorders ,dermal disorders, surgical operations, and others

so that you and your whole body system will get the possibility to come into tune.

Even without a specific disease this form of treatment is serving your own development process, by clarifiying and showing where the actual motivation will lead you to.  


Practical course:

During an appointed (by email or phone) timeframe there will be distant healing treatment. If requested you can book an short counselling before or afterwards on top.


Intensiv-Single/Couple-Process - 1 to 10 days possible

The 4 hours of this Intensiv-Process will be devided into 2 sequences per day. The term of several hours offers the possibility to look deeper, which upcoming issues need to be clarified. Frequently broached issues are: profession / call, partnership, fullfilling sexuality, homosexuality, parentship - conscious togetherness with children, burnout, stress, depression, company efficiency, living authentically, natural appreciation and tribute.

Even without special issues such a process can bring very deep personal clarification so that powers get available again and new possibilities can be seen, affecting the physical and psychic level in a healthful way.

Here conversations and specific treatments get incorporated, supporting the participants to get free, step by step, from their old believe- and connected behaviour patterns an several deseases.


House Calls

For house calls you can make an appointment by phone or by email. 


Possibilities of accomodation