White Egypt.Tantra

The White Tantra, being imparted by Nahiz, is grounded in Egyptian Tantra, connected to the forces of Isis, working through her.


White Tantra is not based on sexuality, but on awakening the Kundalini-Energy, bringing people on the inner level by touch, meditation, breathing, eye-contact and ritual language where energy comes into a movement that is able to deactivate old  thinking structures, believe patterns, behaviour patterns and physical symptoms.


During the seminars different practices and initiations get conveyed that draws pointedly on physical densities, blockades, pains, but also on old programmings and thinking structures. 


Meditations and light language, that Nahiz applies, will increase the vibrations on the cell level and lead people into the oneness consciousness from where they can recognize and dissolve the disturbances and so the way will get free for healing.


Exercises will proceed as single and in couples, but it is not necessary to bring your own partner.





  • Aktivation Of Kundalini Power
  • Aktivation Of Your Own Potentials
  • Aktivation Of Healing Energies 




          Darshan - Blessing

  • Transfer Of Energy
  • Manifestation Of Alignment
  • Healing Energies
  • Clarification