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7 Bus-Stations


Station 1 - Welcome to Earth

Get on board. You are born and you are living with people, sustaining you. They tell you what is good and bad, what you may do and must not do. It is the world of duality, of being apart. Hm, you start asking yourself: Why so many limitations? Is there something wrong with me?


Station 2 - In Search

You go to school, you start job trainings, you probably find an interesting job. You marry and raise a family. Everything seems to go according to a social plan. Somehow it goes like it does for 90% of the population. Suddenly you feel, this is not the real life, it is only a "pre-lived", recurring program. You go on searching for what could make you happier. You try out media (TV, Internet), drugs, alcohol, food, sports, shopping, perhaps you seek refuge in diseases. After a while you recognize, this also does not really fulfill you. What you see is, you have to do something or you need someone to feel happy. Isn´t it exhausting?


Station 3 - Awakening

This knowledge vigorously revolts inside of you. There is only one wish: to free yourself from this social system, from this prison of seeming security and happiness, to find yourself and to be how you really are. Who am I really?


Station 4 - Self-Discovery

There is a gentle and keen sense inside of you, developing increasingly, which is open for something new. Suddenly there it is: you start reading books, awakening some memories in you. You come in contact with healers, spiritual teachers and masters. They encourage you to trust yourself. At this point an individual talent or ability appears, which radiates joyful sparkles and wants to be lived by you. Step by step all pieces of the puzzle join together to a picture and start an inner fire (motivation). The body feels more alive, old or current symptoms resolve and healing occurs.


Station 5 - Chaos of Feelings

Your unique talent is blowing in brightness. It is shown in all parts of your life - great. And suddenly a breakdown: buried feelings you do not like to feel, come up on the surface, jolly good. Lo and behold - impatience bolts in together with its friends: doubt, sorrow, fear, helplessness, depreciation, shortage and several more. What next? Break - retreat. At a single blow, inside of you the willingness awakens, to open further doors for the variety of feelings and let them come home into the room of your heart.


Station 6 - Arrival

The storm of feelings ceases. Relaxed you face the daily situations and challenges. A deep peace inside of you carries you through the day on a basis of joy and stability. Miracles take place. Family, old friends and new people open up and feel touched by what is appealing and radiating through you. Even inside of them transformation takes place and the memories of themselves return.


Station 7 - Heaven on Earth

You delight in the earthly life as an ordinary human being, radiating warmhearted and sympathetic love. You bring your talents out into the world by serving in surrender through implicit giving.


At which bus-station are you situated?