Loving the Feelings

Already in our childhood we learn the way we have to be: "a boy must not cry" and "a girl must not be enraged" and so it goes on with many other feelings. Our true essence gets suppressed systematically by many programs and concepts, carried over from our ancestors.

With this imprint we go to school, to work and into a partnership, so that these stiff programmings get part of our life und we think, it is o.k. this way, until we perhaps recognize a latent discontent, spreading out in our daily experience. Another guide and assistant is our body, which might give us a shout with several diseases und signalizes: "take care of me".

But life also gives us other possibilities to awaken, for example blows of fate and traumata. When something gets touched inside of us by such events, sooner or later there can grow the willingness to look closer. With this willingness struggling against life finds an end, so that the faith in life grows more and more. Bit by  bit the armor drops down and we realize the way we really are, with all the appertaining feelings and actions, which get expressed by us at the moment. The more we dare to live the way we really are, the more we realize, it is the most natural and the easiest thing.


1. What do your feelings give to you if you love and live them?

If you love and live them, every feeling has the same value for you.

Their coexistence is a constant interaction. Your "yes" to this interaction gives you more and more peace and joy inside and step by step your capability is shown.


2. What prevents you from living your feelings?

The unconscious system of society programs already children which feelings are not allowed and must not be shown.

Associated is a permanent monologue: "I have to struggle to get even better, I need something or somebody to be happy, something is missing, I do not have enough, I am not enough."

Feelings like pressure, tension, worthlessness and shortage day by day produce a subliminal discontent. Not to feel this, the search for attractions and variety starts to cover these unwelcome feelings by unconscious compensation like eating, watching TV, smoking, drinking, shopping and many things more.


3. What does it mean, to allow and to live the feelings?

To dare from now on means nothing else, than being true to yourself, each and every moment.

A big "Yes" to life and the associated feelings.

So, if you are enraged, be enraged, feel it, allow it, love it, without blaming anyone for this - "he is to blame for..."   or adjudging yourself - "that was stupid..."   or analysing - "why is it like this, now..."


You are enraged, because you are enraged,


you are allowed to be just the way you are, right now.  


You are free.