Nahiz (Isabella Jelinek) was born in Poland in 1974.


Already in her childhood she touched people with the truth showing in her words very clearly.


Many ours a day she spent with her dog in the forests near by, where her strong intuition and her special relationship to the dog were very imprinting to her.

These various experiences in the forest, in the dark and in the light, taught her to trust life again and again.

After three quitted vocational trainings she continued this path and followed her intuition.


After having cancelled three apprenticeships she continued this intuitive path.

She worked several years as a Fitness-Aerobic- and as a Qi Gong-Teacher and gave kinesiologic treatments and foot reflexology treatments.


The birth of her second child, which was born with a very strong disease, brought the next challenge. Through this disease it was time to let go of all she had known and learned and experienced so far. In a time of withdrawing, enduring about three years, she realized that true healing can happen in the total and loving acceptance of what is. 


This led to a healing for herself and for the child.


Nahiz is an awakened wisdom teacher and is working as a holistic healer. She is enriching people in a humorous and practical way to get healthy, conscious, successful and happy. Everybody who is longing and deeply seeking for self-realization can use Satsang, White Egypt Tantra, energy transmissions, conscious nutrition and Yoga in the form of retreats/seminars, healing treatments, single- and couple sessions or in groups to be supported by Nahiz on this path.


Currently Nahiz is living near Münster together with her cohabitant, Namitan