seminars and retreats

"The Art Of  Loving" 

Ireland Seminar 

28th of May - 3rd of June 2018

This seminar is about breaking away from old ideas and believe patterns about what love is or has to be like (the limited form).


It is about expansion


of all powers of female love


and of all powers of male love,


about letting oneself in for ones own ecstasy, to open up for this in all areas of relationship, like partnership, friendship, professional relations, everyday contacts and relationship with oneself.


These two powers:


activating the male essence, transformation of the powers of

  • giving
  • activity
  • intelligence
  • determination
  • structure/strategy
  • might
  • creating
  • "aggression, struggle and pain"

activating the female essence, transformation of the powers of

  • receiving
  • passivity
  • intuition
  • surrender
  • free flowing
  • meekness
  • acceptence
  • comfort
  • forgiveness

Part of this seminar will also be a day trip to two energy places, "Stone Circles", one of them corresponding to the male powers and one of them corresponding to the female powers.


Nahiz will give an initiating meditation about these two powers at these places


New Years-Retreat



Completion - Renewal

25th of December 2017

- 01st of January 2018

in Greven

During this Retreat you will go into deeper, still unconscious systems, where you get the possibility to complete with the old pain and suffering and the belonging memories by seeing through these old programmings.

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