1:1 Awakening Process

3-month online support process

In this intensive healing and development process with Nahizji, you will work with her to identify the causes behind your illnesses. In the sessions with her, you will learn to recognise your inner patterns that cause disturbances on a physical and psychological level and to train your own alertness in order to practise clearing these patterns yourself so that you can gradually transform them.

You will learn what it means to feel without judgement, because without feeling, no healing can take place in the body.

No feeling = no healing.

This process will reveal to you a way to take care of yourself independently and responsibly in your life. You will experience the effects of inner work and how you can help yourself to heal.
At the same time, this path will increasingly reveal to you what your heart really wants to live. Your abilities and gifts will reveal themselves and an immeasurable creativity will blossom. A life energy will be awakened in you that will be available to you in your everyday life.

Development of the process:
– 12 hours per month
– 3 hours per week: 1 Zoom call (Monday), 1 Zoom deep meditation (Wednesday),
1 distance healing session (Friday)

This offer of 3-month intensive process work with Nahizji is only possible for 3 people at a time.

In retreats and accompanying processes lasting several months, Nahizji’s presence guides people through inner work into deep processes of change, for which a high level of determination is required.

Nahizji is interested in the true development of the person and therefore only works with those who are truly ready to embrace change and accept a higher energy within themselves.

If you are interested in a retreat or a support process with Nahizji, we therefore ask you to fill out an application form before a detailed information meeting takes place.

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