The Pilgrimage of Mary Magdalene

Power places in the south of France

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La route de Fleur-de-Lis

7-day tour to the most important places of Mary Magdalene

In the guidance of Mary Magdalene, Nahizji has the task of reminding people of their devotion through her presence. Through various initiations at the places where Mary Magdalene once lived and worked, Nahizji transmits the memory of this power to you.
Through her gentle touch, you will be able to receive this energy, which will open the space for healing and enable you to consciously recognise and clarify the path of your heart. If you are ready to walk this path for yourself, you are invited to experience the path that Mary Magdalene walked in France with Nahizji.

For 2024 there are still five periods available for a 1:1 pilgrimage with Nahizji.

Dates for group pilgrimages (up to 4 participants):
– in March/April: 25.03.-01.04.24
– in August: 20-27.08.24

Here Nahizji will accompany you in your healing process on the path of your soul’s development.

Before Nahizji sets off with you on the path to these selected places of power,
you will be prepared for the coming initiations through her clear presence in conversations.

Tour "La route de Fleur de Lis" 

1. Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Place of arrival of Mary Magdalene. This place was also the initiation place where Mary Magdalene initiated selected priests and priestesses of the Essen community, whom she took with her on her further journey, in order to pass on her practices for soul development to the people.

2. Massif de la Sainte-Baume

This is the place of retreat where Mary Magdalene stayed for a number of years and where she continued to be tutored in higher dimensions of consciousness by the ascended Christ. This uplift occurred through the connection of their kundalini.

3. The green labyrinth

The third place of the pilgrimage with Nahizji takes you to a holy place where Mary Magdalene
opened the space for her own work to her daughter Sarah at a young age. It is a place of numerous ceremonies,
where both of their energies are clearly palpable.

Here you will be transported to another world that will lead you into a deeper remembrance of the divine. Together you will pass through portals where you can absorb the magical energy that can be felt here.

The energies here are particularly subtle and highly vibrating.
They vibrate throughout your whole body and have a nourishing and revitalising effect.

4. Rennes-le-Château

Mary Magdalene spoke to the people in this place
and passed on her wisdom to the people.

In the small church of Rennes-le-Château, Nahziji will take you into a higher space of presence,
where you can meet your true self.

5. The caves of Mary Magdalene

Inner Work and Activity

The caves of Mary Magdalene in the south of France, where she once lived and worked, each represent a unique quality that reveals itself to you in inner contemplation. Here you come into contact with the central forces inherent in yourself:

– the masculine, physical power, the power of life and manifestation,
– the feminine, spiritual power, the power of devotion and intuition
– the power of the child, the spiritual power, the power of wisdom and inspiration.

In retreats and accompanying processes lasting several months, Nahizji’s presence guides people through inner work into deep processes of change, for which a high level of determination is required.

Nahizji is interested in the true development of the person and therefore only works with those who are truly ready to embrace change and accept a higher energy within themselves.

If you are interested in a retreat or a support process with Nahizji, we therefore ask you to fill out an application form before a detailed information meeting takes place.

Participant quotes

“It was really warm in one place, even though it was really cold outside. Nahizji took me under her coat and I realised that we were two hearts sitting there & burning together for this path. It was a unity. Two hearts that are there and on fire.

I was particularly touched by walking with Nahizji, being with her, how she brought the different energies down to earth and took me into the different eras, how she made me feel. I sometimes leant against the trees and felt so loved. It was an incredible feeling.

Nahizji really is a messenger, an initiate, a bearer of this path of Mary Magdalene’s devotion and there is no longer any doubt about that for me. She can open this gate and make it tangible and I am very grateful for that.”

– a participant of the pilgrimage with Nahizji (February ’24)

Encounter with my divine self

“My ego screams: ‘What am I doing here in the south of France?

Yes, my ego. I can feel it clinging desperately to the outside world, to the familiar structures, to the functional world that you can use so wonderfully to hide your feelings, your self, your inner truth…

Nahizji’s blessings during the retreat, her presence and the energy in the land of Mary Magdalene regularly took me out of the familiar thought patterns of my mind. The resulting encounters with my divine self were shattering in the most positive sense: I was allowed to enter the world of my softness, my love, my tenderness, my connectedness and devotion to a depth I had never known before.

During the first 3 days of my stay, my ego was still fighting very bravely, after all, its survival was at stake. I received more blessings with Nahizji, experienced trips to my heart, my divine self and had a love-led yet powerful confrontation with Nahizji: here my ego was now bare – it completely collapsed, no more resistance.

I could finally give up, surrender. Total surrender.
What freedom, what energy!!!

During a meditation with Nahizji that same evening, I suddenly felt this tremendous power, this love and total fulfilment that engulfed my whole being. It wasn’t the usual feeling of being content and happy with myself, it was much more a connection, a unity with the universe, with my divine self – with a higher power that is definitely greater than myself. I felt a great truth, a clarity, an authenticity and self-love within me that was connected to everything – exuberant joy of life paired with stillness and strength. This state was always within reach over the next 3 days… And finally culminated in a very deep experience of God in the caves of Mary Magdalene. Here it felt as if God was holding my soul in his hands and gently cradling it, while I felt this infinite love, purity and fullness within me. I was allowed to share it with the people who were there with me.
There was only divine being here… without words.

After returning to Germany, I realised very quickly that I could not simply return to my everyday world and maintain the level of cosy misery that I wanted so much to hold on to.
Even now, I keep remembering the experiences with Nahizji when I am stuck in my everyday life, in the less lively functional mode.

The part of me that was touched in the south of France can no longer be suppressed.

I feel deep love and gratitude for the experience that Nahizji and her Holistic Life Home team made possible for me. I was very touched by how much love and devotion I received from everyone in order to experience this truth, this grace. The meaning of my life and my motivation to live have taken on a new dimension.
I know now: I can be very happy and connected, I am no longer afraid of life at all, it is a gift, nothing is missing, I am carried.

Everything has actually always been there – I just made a lot of effort not to feel it. Thank you, dear people, for seeing this potential in me and not giving up on showing it to me.”

– a participant of the pilgrimage with Nahizji, written in January ’24

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