Initiations in southern France

Receive the devotion of Mary Magdalene

The caves of Mary Magdalene in southern France, where she once lived and worked, each embody a quality of its own that is revealed to those who are willing to receive them.
These powers are the basis for the profound initiations that Nahizji enables people in these special places.

In the small church of Rennes-le-Château, Nahziji embarks on a deep meditation with you.
Following this, she will touch you and give you an energy transmission.

Book now your 7 day process with Nahizji in southern France where you can receive all these initiations and absorb the precious energy of the places where Mary Magdalene once worked.

Further information on request.

The first cave represents the heart chakra.
It’s the cave of devotion to unconditional love.

The second cave is home to the three powers: seeing, feeling and being.

The third cave is the cave of the higher self. It opens up the connection to your inner guidance.

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