Initiations in southern France

Receive the devotion of Mary Magdalene

The caves of Mary Magdalene in southern France, where she once lived and worked, each embody a quality of its own that is revealed to those who are willing to receive them.
These powers are the basis for the profound initiations that Nahizji enables people in these special places.

La route de Fleur-de-Lis

7 days tour of the most important places of Mary Magdalene

In the guidance of Mary Magdalene, Nahizji’s role is to remind people of devotion. Through different initiations in the places where Mary Magdalene once lived and worked, Nahizji transfers the memory of this power to you. Through her gentle touch you will be able to receive this energy. Everyone who wishes to remember this devotion is invited to experience with Nahizji the path taken by Mary Magdalene in France.

This is possible for 1 to 2 people.
Five periods are still available for 2023.

Nahizji will accompany you in your healing process on the path of your soul development.

During the times when you are with Nahizji in the special places, being with her and the connection to Mary Magdalene she embodies reminds you of the devotion within yourself.

The healing energy in this field enables you to consciously recognize. It brings you in touch with the divine unconditional love within you.

Tour "La route de Fleur de Lis" 

1. Rennes-le-Château

This is where Mary Magdalene spoke to the people
and passed on their wisdom to the people.

In the small church of Rennes-le-Château, Nahziji embarks on a deep meditation with you.
Following this, she will touch you and give you an energy transmission.

2. The caves of Mary Magdalene

Inner Work and Activity

The first cave represents the heart chakra.
It’s the cave of devotion to unconditional love.

The second cave is home to the three powers: seeing, feeling and being.

The third cave is the cave of the higher self. It opens up the connection to your inner guidance.

3. Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Place of arrival of Mary Magdalene. This place was also the initiation place where Mary Magdalene initiated selected priests and priestesses of the Essen community, whom she took with her on her further journey, in order to pass on her practices for soul development to the people.

4. Massif de la Sainte-Baume

This is the place of retreat where Mary Magdalene stayed for a number of years and where she continued to be tutored in higher dimensions of consciousness by the ascended Christ. This uplift occurred through the connection of their kundalini.

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