Organizational chart and symbolism

Organigramm Englisch

Key of Manifestation

Key of manifestation

The Key of Manifestation, a symbol of the new age that was given to Nahizji in 2015 and has since formed the basis of her healing work, symbolizes two forces within us:

  • The receiving power of devotion on the one hand, represented by the receiving vessel with the two open wings.

  • The creative power, on the other hand, represented by the double-sided obelisk that creates the connection between cosmos and earth. With the upper point he receives the impulses/inspirations from the cosmos and with the lower point he manifests them on earth.

This key comes into play as soon as you feel the impulse to reinforce your current direction or decision.

For example you can put it on the desk for a more harmonious workplace or wear it on your body for your personal protection, for harmonious relationships, for your own development, in the car for your safety, in your wallet for more money, for physical symptoms on the affected area lay to aid recovery,…

The sign can manifest your individual intention in your chosen period of time.

The Ankh

Ankh Mysterienschule der Isis, weibliche, männliche Kraft

The ankh, or key of life, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol used in Egyptian writing and art to represent the word for “life”.

According to tradition, the gods gave the pharaohs the ankh symbol as a gift. It embodies the female part of the ancient Egyptian creation and at the same time the goddess Isis.

In the tradition of Isis, this powerful symbol was used for a variety of initiations to raise the vibration of consciousness in the priests and priestesses.

With the knowledge of the white tantra of Isis, it is still possible today to direct the Kundalini energy in the human being into the form of the Ankh through a specific breathing process in the body and beyond the body, so that this rising energy is potentiated, resulting in cell renewal processes arise in the body, one’s own energy body is lifted and strengthened and the highest form of transformation is anchored.



The Fleur-de-Lis (or Fleur-de-Lys) is the stylized depiction of a lily, consisting of three leaves held together by a ribbon. The “standing” leaf in the middle symbolizes the sword of the Holy Spirit, the manifestation and the two outer leaves symbolize the Holy Grail, which receives the spirit. The ribbon symbolizes the connectedness of three aspects from the point of view of the Trinity.

Here the Fleur-de-Lis in its original form from the teachings of Isis stands for the three forces inherent in us: the male, the female and the child essence.

  • male essence: paternal, active, executive force
  • feminine essence: maternal, passive, receptive power
  • childlike essence: universal, spontaneous, creative power, life from the here and now

The lily itself and thus also the stylized form is associated with Isis as well as with Mother Maria and Joan of Arc and as a quality symbolizes purity, innocence and virginity as well as seduction, passion and eroticism.

The Fleur-de-Lis reminds us to open the devotion in us and to receive the divine impulses for the realization of our soul plan.

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