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Book publication by Nahizji

The agreement with God

The sensitive and clear words in this book will enable you to enter a dimension where you can remember what it is that is knocking at your heart.

These texts do not impart theoretical spiritual knowledge, they establish a direct connection to feeling.

In this feeling, you will be able to get in touch with your intuition and recognise where the pull of your heart is leading you.

It is the journey to you with God.

The book will initially only be available in German.

You are welcome to order your copy now
(€24.99 plus shipping costs).

It is also available as an e-book (€9.99): Click here.

Online-Vernissage from Nahizji

Nahizji has been drawing energy pictures of the soul for many years.

They reflect aspects that we all carry within us.
Through their special shapes and colours, they send out impulses that trigger current themes in your individual process of becoming aware.
You can view the pictures that are currently for sale here and purchase them with a frame and passe-partout.

Nahizji en France

You can take advantage of the following offers with her in the south of France:

  • Individual counselling
    (on site and via Zoom)
    Individual processes lasting several days
  • Intensive transformation and healing processes to clarify your issues and for your soul development
  • Initiations
    at selected places of power of Maria Madgalena

Find out more about the initiations with Nahizji:

Next Online-Satsang

Online Satsang with Nahizji
Friday, 08/18/23,
6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom

What is your heart calling for?

You can experience the online satsang with Nahizji from the comfort of your own home and from there you can immerse yourself in the powerful energy field of the event.

You can ask your questions from all areas of life live in the chat or in advance by e-mail and Nahizji will answer them from her medial point of view.

Investors sought for healing center in southern France

Do you want to invest in the holistic healing center of the Holistic Life Home?

The healing center Holistic Life Home, which Nahizji founded in Germany in 2020, is moving to France at the end of September. We are urgently looking for a house where the work of Nahizji and her team can continue. The center that will be built here near Rennes-le-Chateau will be a place of regeneration, healing and soul development.

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