Teach and work

Founder of Holistic Life Home


Nahizji works in the tradition of the Trinity Mystery School and conveys the legacy of Mary Magdalene to seekers. Inheritance is the path of awakening through the Kundalini of devotion.

Her practical instructions guide people on their way to self-knowledge.
Because Nahizji sees and knows the challenges on this path, and also the veil that covers the clear view, she can accompany people powerfully, purposefully and earthly on this path.

The unconditional devotion that Nahizji embodies allows her to see deep into people’s hearts.

Nahizji’s presence is highly invigorating.

Her essence is stillness, although her work can be very dynamic.
Her directness bursts out of any comfort zone and thus reveals unconscious patterns.
Her humorous, loving, but also uncompromising way touches and shakes, clarifies and heals people on this path.

She accompanies seekers in their soul development by reminding them of the power of devotion, which they can integrate into their everyday life.
In this way, people gain the ability to use situations and encounters in everyday life as opportunities for their awareness. An emotional stability and clarity for their path in life, for what really wants to be lived, develops in them.

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