Medial Coaching

for executives,
at your place, online or on site

For years now, Nahizji has accompanied numerous executives who are interested in holistic change. From their psychic point of view, you will receive individual advice on what can support you and your company to expand in a healthy way that raises your own energy quality and that of your employees.

What is showing up in your company?
You notice that something is missing in your company, for example the liveliness, the team spirit, the natural commitment, the joyful willingness to work together on projects, the relaxed and benevolent interaction with one another, but also the creativity that everyone can use to grow.

What does it take here?
A new structure is needed that is based on a holistic view.
This basis includes for everyone who is involved:

Individual development
of awareness

Emotional stability

A healthy body

These three pillars of your company support the sustainable expansion of the qualities of everyone. These become visible, relaxed and non-competitive, collaborative and authentically involved in open, benevolent communication with one another.
The resulting transparency of working together forms a strong and healthy energy field throughout the company.

You are the key
You are the eye of your company that must listen to the voice of your heart. Keeping your heart’s vision in mind can only be accomplished through your inspiration. You can see them when all ideas of your usual behavior fade into the background and you engage in your creativity.

You have to be willing to reinvent yourself over and over again, to trust your creativity completely. This requires regular introspection to clear your heart’s impulses and courage to follow their implementation.

Lebensberatung -Klärung deiner aktuellen Themen aus der medialen Sicht

Your benefit here is a constant, sustainable increase in energy, which produces a high level of persuasiveness through you.

This creates a magnetism that naturally moves and attracts your employees and those interested in your products.

From the holistic point of view, your goal here is no longer exclusively profit at any price. Your focus now is to bring growing awareness through development into your organization.

What prevents this quality?
Entrenched thought patterns prevent creativity. The usual external search, which only pursues a profit-oriented goal, only brings short-term satisfaction.

What is happening here
What is repeated over and over again is a struggle for the next trophy, chasing further confirmation under the pressure to perform.

It ends with accumulated wealth and utter exhaustion, finally succumbing to futility. Every spark of joie de vivre is gone. you are just empty

What is needed here
is the new course that you live from your heart, which creates clear structures that give you and your company a stable direction.

You can clearly see at all times what direction your company needs for the upcoming development. You will receive the appropriate impulses to realize your vision.

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