Body Healing Treatments

with Nahizji

The touch of Nahizji’s hands awakens a lovingly nourishing and lively energy within you, which has a healing effect on your entire body system.
Her presence reminds your heart of unconditional love, allowing you to feel a deep peace and intense warmth. You will also feel a change in your everyday life, which will show itself through more joy and strength in you. Your mindfulness and alertness to the present moment increases, allowing you to experience life more consciously.

More offers from Nahizji

Mysterienschule der Isis, Hingabe, Isis Figur

Mystery School of Isis

The lineage in which Nahizji works and which she carries on is the Mystery School of Isis. It forms the basis of the “internal studies”.

Kundalini Energie

Kundalini of devotion

Nahizji has been teaching seekers in the inner work, philosophy and practice of the general and focused Kundalini path since 2006.


Teach and work

She supports people in their soul development by reminding them of the power of devotion, which they can integrate into their everyday lives.

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