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From consumption to spiritual practice

by Jiyanh

“What is a spiritual fair?
It is colourful, dazzling from the outside.
You wander from one stand to the next, from one seminar to the next, constantly discovering new methods that promise you fulfilment.
Every new teacher, every workshop, every new concept triggers a brief feeling of happiness and fuels hope:
“Yes, now, this time.”
But what really changes, in depth, through your consumption at the spiritual fair?
We would like to show you another way:
Out of the consumer world – into true spiritual practice,
where you can no longer avoid,
where you have to take responsibility
… and experience true freedom.

The journey from the head to the heart
I still remember well how I used to hop from seminar to seminar, from one spiritual method to the next.
I practised yoga almost every day, meditated, read books and texts and loved spending hours discussing them.
I even lived in an ashram in Germany for two years and was part of a large spiritual community.

Spiritual dead end
However, deep down inside me, where something had been calling for my attention for years, nothing changed during this time.
I remained deaf and blind to the feelings within me and to what my heart really wanted to live.

It took a major, comprehensive breakdown before I was ready to look deeper. This willingness led me to the Holistic Life Home in 2021, where Nahizji works as an awake, loving presence.

New paths
What is true spiritual practice?
At the Holistic Life Home, spiritual practice, the inner work, does not only take place at certain times of the day. We also practise yoga, meditate and sing mantras together…
But spiritual practice actually takes place every second of the day.
In every single moment – because God shows himself in everything and all the time.

No more safe space
As long as I lived in an unconscious field, I was able to “sleep” and constantly seek and find the fault for my problems on the outside. Where it is entertaining, but no real change can happen – and above all: it doesn’t HAVE to.
Even in the large ashram where I lived, this was the case.

In the conscious community of the Holistic Life Home, which is led by Nahizji, I can no longer externalise my issues.
In the mirror of the presence of my conscious counterpart, I am always thrown back on myself.
No one takes responsibility for the feelings that show up in me out of false politeness or a sense of duty.
No one serves the patterns that have kept me in my comfort zone and in victim mode in my previous life.

When we are in our issues, Nahizji has the talent to gently give us the final push with her impulses so that stuck patterns can completely break.
Her crystal-clear instructions put the ego out of action and the beloved familiar crumbles to dust.
If the ego is stubborn, a higher intensity can also be used, which is nevertheless benevolent and loving at its core.

Nahizji has taught us to guide each other back into the space of our hearts, where healing and development can take place.

100% transparency
I can no longer run away from myself in this community.
The truth is revealed layer by layer.
On the one hand, I really appreciate this because I can see and feel the incredible quality in it.

But there are also days when I just hate not being able to hide anymore.
There are days when my mind screams so loudly that I want to slam doors and kick walls.
There are days when the other members of the community trigger me so much and awaken such intense feelings in me that I want to run away.
But I have also learnt:
This would only be an escape from myself.

I know what it means when the ego bleeds.
I know what it feels like when the fire of development sweeps through me.
I know what it means to look my deepest pain in the eye, face it and STAY THERE.

It’s not always nice to see yourself in the mirror.
It’s not always easy to remain open at heart when the ego wants nothing more than to be right and insult the other person.
It takes willpower to follow the impulses of the heart when the old, destructive behaviours are so much more familiar.

It takes great courage and willingness,
to walk this path with God – but
but it is worth it.

When the soul blossoms
The spiritual path with God

“Know exactly,
God is not the one
who beds you on roses,
he is the one
who gives you tasks
for the blossoming of your soul,
which is like that of a rose.”
– Nahizji quote

The path to freedom
Liberation from belief patterns through inner work leads us all to freedom.
This path has no obligations, but offers scope for fulfilment and development.
I experience the greatest freedom in the Holistic Life Home, because I can expand – even if it doesn’t feel that way to the ego.
Joy, vitality and health are my daily nourishment.
Enjoying this freedom is a gift to my heart, whose loving energy I can feel and pass on more clearly every day.
The freedom we encounter here is to feel this unconditional love more and more.
Although I could leave at any time, I stay.
Because God obviously has a greater attraction than what the mind imagines a beautiful life to be.

Spiritual practice has now become like brushing our teeth and has already become so ingrained in our cells that we use it naturally when we are out and about and in all situations in life.
We can feel and see how the body regenerates more quickly through this practice and needs less sleep and less food.
We become clearer and clearer in everything we do and experience a fundamental motivation for everyday life and an effervescent joy of being.

I have never experienced this before in any place or with any other spiritual teacher.

I have met other spiritual teachers who also live in spiritual communities and lead them on paper, but I have not felt any of them.
Nahizji says the following:
“A spiritual teacher who has never led a conscious community cannot define the actual experience and growth of such a community because he himself does not live it.

‘By their fruits you will recognise them.’ – Jesus

You will recognise true spiritual teachers by their students, who radiate from their souls and love what they do.”

What does the path of spiritual practice in conscious community require?
“A person who lives in a community but does not fully engage with it will not be able to withstand its conscious energy field for long.

Those who do not fully engage will also not penetrate the mystery of their true self.” – Nahizji

A conscious community is not a wellness or recreation centre. Living in it requires intensive inner work.
Such a community is like a religious order in which there are tasks through which the belief patterns become clearer and clearer.
Where many conscious people live together, a high energy field is created in which you can no longer avoid yourself.
It is an order in which the focus is on inner work & everyone must be prepared to look at their shadow sides and face the unfelt pain within themselves.

Through my time at the Holistic Life Home with Nahizji, I can now feel which encounters and situations energise me and lead me closer to my heart.

I feel the great value that I give myself here, to walk this path with God.
I can recognise what true love means,
what it feels like,
how it fulfils me,
how God carries me and loves me unconditionally.

Conscious community is divine energy in motion.”

from Jiyanh

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Look at who surrounds you,
look at how he looks at you,
listen to what he says to you,
listen to what his word brings to you.
Feel what he carries to you,
feel how it moves you inside.

Your heart recognises,
what God wants from you through the other person.
Does the other person make you blossom
or does it remain silent within you?
If it remains still, the lust of the senses will fade,
you will simply remain in the old.

If the blossom awakens,
that sprouts through your soul,
you will recognise
how this love flows within you.

In revelation, God will look through your eyes,
he will show you
what is true
and delight you with it.
The rest of the protection will fall from you,
you will give everything,
to shine his light.

You will come there
and remember:
Where did the love begin,
that you left,
that you are in truth?

I am here


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That which cries out within you is the true longing to ascend into the expansion of your love.
God is clear and direct here, he always gives you the right fuel for this expansion.

When your fire begins to burn completely for him, he will bring people into your life who will shake you to the core.

He will create situations for you that will hold up the perfect mirror in which you will recognise your darker side.

In this intensity, God will ask for your ability to love, for all the feelings that show themselves to you in these situations, because this is the only way development is possible, through pure experience.

The ego will bleed, reject its counterpart, even hate it, until you realise that it is your unloved feelings that you are running away from.

Only when you face them will you penetrate the core of truth.
You will no longer let others tell you what is good or bad for you, because you will intuitively feel what suits you.

Your heart already knows what it wants to live.

Live that!


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