Quotes and texts by Nahizji

It is not the fear of the dark
that drives people,
but the fear of the light.
Not the fear of death,
but the fear of life.

Because when people allow the light in, what they have avoided until now becomes visible. They wake up from their deathlike sleep, in which they have been living according to their old programs.

With waking up comes life and with it responsibility. He becomes aware of what he is doing and what his actions leave behind.

He realizes that remaining in darkness means death.

Shining in the light opens up pure life for him.


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“Do not strive for the people
who do not see your love.
God has a plan for them,
that will awaken them to the knowledge
for which they have come.

Yet, don’t give up on them,
entrust them to God.
He knows their path,
He is the key to their heart.


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Look at who surrounds you,
look at how he looks at you,
listen to what he says to you,
listen to what his word brings to you.
Feel what he carries to you,
feel how it moves you inside.

Your heart recognises,
what God wants from you through the other person.
Does the other person make you blossom
or does it remain silent within you?
If it remains still, the lust of the senses will fade,
you will simply remain in the old.

If the blossom awakens,
that sprouts through your soul,
you will recognise
how this love flows within you.

In revelation, God will look through your eyes,
he will show you
what is true
and delight you with it.
The rest of the protection will fall from you,
you will give everything,
to shine his light.

You will come there
and remember:
Where did the love begin,
that you left,
that you are in truth?

I am here


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That which cries out within you is the true longing to ascend into the expansion of your love.
God is clear and direct here, he always gives you the right fuel for this expansion.

When your fire begins to burn completely for him, he will bring people into your life who will shake you to the core.

He will create situations for you that will hold up the perfect mirror in which you will recognise your darker side.

In this intensity, God will ask for your ability to love, for all the feelings that show themselves to you in these situations, because this is the only way development is possible, through pure experience.

The ego will bleed, reject its counterpart, even hate it, until you realise that it is your unloved feelings that you are running away from.

Only when you face them will you penetrate the core of truth.
You will no longer let others tell you what is good or bad for you, because you will intuitively feel what suits you.

Your heart already knows what it wants to live.

Live that!


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